Filtering the Potential Employees

As you know, I’m a working man. I’m going to take a slight departure from the philosophical here and talk about the experiences I had in the process of hiring someone to work for me.

The world that we live in is a world that thrives on competition, and it is in competition alone that we can improve ourselves and find the best people that can do the job for us. We are in a world that needs to tap onto the pool of people who can potentially work for us. And in order to do this effectively, we should not just immediately get that specific person and let then do the job for us.

Hiring someone needs to undergo a series processes that will ensure if they are really the best fit for the job that we need to fill in. Hiring someone should entail a rigorous decision making so that we would not regret in hiring that person when time comes.

To do this, we should be able to filter out the potential employees. Having a large number of applicants will surely make our filtering process easier. Though this may sound to make this more complicated because there are a lot of people who are to be sorted out. This is the best way to find the perfect person for the job, because with a lot of people to choose from, we can have a variety of potential applicants that we can sort, and with more people, means a wider range of opportunities.

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Every Day is a New Day

Every day is a new day. Every day is full of unlimited opportunities that we can use to propel ourselves into ultimate blissfulness, in order for us to make use of our knowledge and skills to better ourselves, and to someday perfect ourselves, in doing so.

This is what every day is a new day means. It means that there is always hope, and that there is always something that can be done every day, as everyday is different, and that it varies in magnitude and scale, because the things that we do, no matter how constant and routine it gets, still varies.

This level of variation gives us the opportunity to either make this day better than the previous day, or either to make this new day worse compared to yesterday.

You have the power to control the outcome of your day, for you can change the future. You past, present, and future selves are interconnected with each other. To better understand this, let us see it this way. We are the embodiment of our past selves, and that we have become what we are now, because of how we lived our lives in the past.

Therefore, the way we live now, and how we perceive things, do indeed mold our future selves because our present selves will contribute and will have an effect on our future selves.

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A Life without Possessions

Have you ever imagined the world without anything at all?

Have you imagined people without material possessions?

Have you imagined yourself without possessions?

Though this may seem to be impossible, and will forever be impossible, still we cannot stop our creative, imaginative, and ingenious mind from contemplating this thought. This thought makes us wonder on the things about existence, humanity, and morality.

The world is now enveloped with greed. Perhaps it always has been. We seem to dwell on the fact that we should have possessions, and we should have loads and lots of them, no matter what the result is. We have evolved from just simple beings to exist in this world, to merely breathe, experience life, be happy, and all those sorts, into becoming hungry, starving, materialistic people who want to get everything to themselves.

We had now become greedy and selfish and that we will do everything just to put everything in our possession no matter what the cost of it will be, no matter if it will be inhumane or immoral, as long as we possess these possessions.

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